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2016 Austin White Cane Day marching route Information


There will be three different marching routes to choose from. All marches start promptly at 9:00 AM.

Please do not completely block sidewalks while waiting to begin march to be courteous to other pedestrians.

LOCATION 1 – WAL-GREENS at 4501 Guadalupe on bus routes #1, #5 and #338

  • Meet on the lower sidewalk along the 45th side of the Walgreen.   

  • Walk west (right) along the north side of 45th.

  • Cross Guadalupe and a couple of driveways to arrive at North Lamar Blvd. 

  • Cross North Lamar

  • Continue west and turn right into the 2nd driveway to enter TSBVI

  • Continue north to the event area on the right and gather in front of the DJ.

LOCATION 2 –The Pit Barbeque at 4707 Burnet Rd. on bus route #3:

  • Meet in the parking lot of the restaurant

  • Walk south (left) along Burnet Rd.

  •  Cross several driveways leading to the intersection of 45th and Burnet.

  • Turn east along the gradual turn onto 45th

  • Continue east and turn into the 3rd driveway to enter TSBVI

  • Continue north to the event area on the right and gather in front of the DJ.

LOCATION 3 – Central Market at 4001 North Lamar Blvd on bus routes #338 and #803:

*Marchers may travel on the east and west sides of North Lamar Blvd.*

East side:

  • Travel north (right) along North Lamar Blvd.

  • Cross 4 driveways to arrive at 45th Street

  • Cross North Lamar Blvd.

  • Cross 45th Street

  • Continue west and turn right into the 2nd driveway to enter TSBVI

  • Continue north to the event area on the right and gather in front of the DJ.

West Side:

  • Cross North Lamar Blvd. at 40th Street traffic light.

  • Turn north (right) crossing 41st, 42nd, 43rd and 44th streets. 

  • Do not cross 45th Street.

  • Turn west along 45th Street crossing Marathon Blvd. to the lighted midblock crossing

  • Cross 45th at the lighted midblock crossing

  • Turn west (left) along 45th Street

  • Turn right at first driveway to enter TSBVI

  • Continue north to the event area on the right and gather in front of the DJ.


There will be Lions Club Volunteers at key points along the marches.  The sidewalks are narrow so please be respectful of other marchers. Remember we will be approaching the same entry into TSBVI around the same time.  Please be patient, it is all about public awareness and having fun.



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2015 White Cane Day Marching Routes and Activities


Everyone will gather in front of the State Capitol between 8:30- 9:00AM.  The Capitol is located at 11th Street and Congress Avenue.  Marchers should gather in front of the Capitol between the street and the entrance gate.  It is very important that people do not stand in the street or behind the entrance gate on Capitol grounds as we do not have a permit for that.


The march begins promptly at 9:15AM. We will not leave before 9:15 AM to allow time for all participants to arrive. 



Start on the North side of 11th Street at Congress Avenue.  March South on the west side of Congress.  Cross 11th, 10th, 9th, 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd and continue to Caesar Chavez (1st Street).  Do not cross Caesar Chavez.  Turn West (right) and cross Colorado and Lavaca.  After crossing Lavaca, City Hall will be to the North (right).  Find a seat if possible.  Please reserve seating for children, elderly, and others with physical disabilities.  First row of outdoor seating will be reserved for sponsors.



After finishing at City Hall, everyone should walk West (right of stage) to Guadalupe Avenue.  Cross Guadalupe, marchers should walk north crossing 2nd, 3rd and 4th Streets.  After crossing 4th Street you will be at the Southeast corner of Republic Square Park (Northwest corner of intersection).



Buses #1, #3, #5, #801 and #803 will take you walking distance to the Capitol.  Take bus to 12th and Guadalupe.  Exit bus and turn left and walk up to 12th St. Cross 12th St. and turn left.  Cross Guadalupe and continue east 2 blocks crossing Lavaca and Colorado. After crossing Colorado turn right and walk to 11th St.  As you’re approaching 11th the sidewalk will bend left and become parallel with 11th.  Proceed to the first driveway and that will be the meeting point.



2015 White Cane Day Flyer Information

Wednesday, Oct. 14,

March from the State Capitol to City Hall.

8:30 A.M. – Meet in front of State Capitol.

9:15 A.M. - March to City Hall.

10:15 A.M. - Mayor’s Proclamation

10:30 A.M. - Walk to Republic Square Park, 422 Guadalupe

10:30-2:30P.M. - Festivities at the park.





2015 White Cane Day City Hall & Park Information



After arriving at City Hall, Mayor Pro Steve Adler will read the White Cane Day Proclamation.  Certificates for the major Contributors and Sponsors will be handed out with time for each organization to say a few words. City Hall activities will end with the singing of the National Anthem.



Republic Square Park

10:30-2:30: entertainment provided by DJ Brian Maffet

11:00: Food will be served. Food will include: sliced brisket sandwiches, beans and potato salad from Bill Miller BBQ, Beverages and sausage wraps from H-E-B and sweet treats from Schwan’s ice cream and Kona Ice snow cones.


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