Thank you for ordering your T-shirt for White Cane Day 2017!  They will be shipped out the first week of October.    Thanks for supporting the largest White Cane Day in the nation!

2017 T-Shirt Description 

T-shirt description

Screen Printing colors: Black, White, Orange, and Black Puff for all of the Braille.

T-Shirt Front:

Close up drawing of a dog in harness, the dog is outlined in black, body is colored in with white and the harness and collar are black.

Directly behind the dog is a close up of a person’s body holding a white cane in front. The person fades out as you reach the head and around knee level. The cane is colored in white with a black handle. The person is outlined in black.

There are three phrases in the bottom left corner. They are descending on a diagonal – like a staircase from left to right. The phrases are in orange with black braille underneath. The phrases are “This is POWER”, “This is CONFIDENCE”, and “This is INDEPENDENCE”. The words Power, Confidence and Independence are bolded and in all caps.

Across the top of the design with a right side orientation is the phrase “This is White Cane Day 2017” in all caps and orange color, “White Cane Day 2017” is bolded.

In this design the only white on the shirt is the dog and the cane, leading your eye straight to the main features!


T-Shirt Back:

Across the top in black braille you have the phrase “Canes and Harnesses Extend Freedom Beyond My Hand” and directly underneath you have the same phrase in orange text, all caps and bolded.

Underneath  you have a black silhouette of a couple walking with a cane and guide dog. The female has the cane while the male has the guide dog.

Directly underneath the feet of the couple you have the phrase “Blind Americans Equality Day” in orange text, bolded and caps. Under that you have in black braille “Ready to Work … Ready to Contribute”